Visit Bath

If you’re visiting Bath there are lots of wonderful shops and restaurants to enjoy as well as seeing the sights. We hope the gallery below gives you some inspiration


A floorplate in Bath Abbey celebrating over one thousand years of the English Monarchy. The first King of England was crowned on this site in AD 973.



A Victorian stained glass window in Bath Abbey depicting the crowning of the first King of England in AD 973


The High street in Bath with the Abbey at the bottom. Off to the right there is a Victorian covered shopping arcade sandwiched between cafes, restaurants and designer boutiques. To the left is the entrance to the Guildhall market which offers for sale a wide variety of goods from cheese to designer jewellery


The Colonnades in Bath is easily missed just off the main shopping thoroughfare but serves as link between the Roman Baths at the top and the three Royal spa baths at the bottom which are currently being restored.


If you’re visiting Bath don’t miss the Circus. Built in 1745 by John Wood the elder it is a unique and supreme example of Bath’s Georgian past. Jane Austen lived here for a short time and possibly gained inspiration for her novel ‘Persuasion’. It is not possible to show the full architectural beauty other than by an aerial photograph, but when you see it in person you will be absolutely enthralled


Another of the four quarter crescents which comprise the Circus. The Circus is adjacent to the Royal Crescent and is situated a few hundred yards from the City Centre. Standing on the green in the middle of the Circus in the summer is a breathtaking delight


Pulteney Bridge and weir situated in the heart of Bath is another tourist hotspot visited by millions each year. In the summer months the river bank just out of view on the right of the picture offers a lazy tranquility and some splendid views. Bath Market is just out of view on the left and offers atmospheric shopping in a Victorian covered arcade selling everything from leather wallets, cold meats and on to designer jewellery.